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  • Flea market under the roof

    Flea market under the roof

    Flea market is not only a place of trade. For us it is primarily a meeting place. A place based on interpersonal relationships. Therefore, our flea market is a place open to everyone.
  • You can sell your old things, or you can buy  in or store

    You can sell your old things, or you can buy in or store

    Our actions are guided by clear and "green" point philosophy of sales. Why throw away things if you can sell it. Better to reuse. Pay less by finding used and forgotten things.

Stare na Nowo – put life into your old things

• Earn money on your used things.

• Empty your basement, garage or attic.

• Save time – we sell it for you.

• Make a good bargain – new things every day.

Dear All,
We are pleased, that you are visiting our site. Our company is a completely new venture for the Polish market. You can buy or you can sell old things in our store….don’t throw away, but let’s reused the used things.

In our Flea market, in our store, you can have your own small shop, in our shop, selling your used things.

We do not think only of sales, but also about ecology. Recycling is better than just throwing away old things. Let your own , old things find a new owner and you will make money on that.

Sometimes you can’t use the things anymore ,but now it is possible to extend their use by finding them a new owner. What for some is impractical or unsuitable others may still make a lot of fun.

We invite you to selling your things in our store and also invite you to shop with us.


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